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Plumbing Services

24/7 Emergency Repair Services

Von Drain & Contracting LLC specializes in residential and light commercial plumbing maintenance services. Our techs/ Contractors are experienced and licensed to get the job done for you at a timely manner and with professionalism 


Faucet Installation

1. Compression faucets

2. Ball faucets

3. Disc faucets

4. Cartridge faucets

Kitchen and Bathroom

Toilets Installation & Repair

Toilet Services:

1. Toilet Rebuild

2. Flapper Replacement

3. Toilet Reset

4. Leaking Toilets

5. Wax Ring Installation

6. New toilet installtion

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Sump Pump

1. Battery Back Up
2. New Installation
3. Reroute
4. French Drain
5. Check Valve Replacement
6. Ejector pump installation
And More..

Garbage Disposals

Garbage Disposal Services
1. New Installation 
2. Eliminate Existing
3. Unjam
4. Reset


Shower Repair & Installation

Shower Services:

1. Replace Shower Heads

2. Shower Cartridges

3. New Installation

4. Repair Shower Diverter

5. Leaking Tub Spouts

And More..

Valve Replacement/ Leaks

We replace leaking valves, and leaking corroded pipes. 
1. Main shut Off valves
2. Straight Stop
3. Angle Stops
3. Pin Hole Leaks
4. Major Leaks
And More..

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Underground Repair ( Residential Only)

Under Ground Repair Service:
1. Drains
2. Branch Lines 
3. Kitchen Lines
4. Basement Re-Route 
5. Root Removal Dig Up
And More..

Water Heater

Water Heater Services:
1. Electric And Gas
2. Diagnostics 
3. Expansion Tank
4. New Installation
5. Elements
And More..

Plumbing Services : Services
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